Take The Flag (Dvd)

by Anchor
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The spiritual life is often compared to a race. Pastor Rob Fuquay sees a parallel between the flags used in auto racing and the signals God sends us in our fast-paced lives. The purpose of Take the Flag is not to turn readers into race fans but to help them become stronger disciples of Jesus Christ by paying attention to the signals God gives us each day. In this Bible-based, 7-week churchwide series, Fuquay uses the flags from auto racing as a way to discuss different aspects of our life of faith:Green flag (start): How do we start our journey of faith?Yellow flag (caution): The decisions we make can sometimes put us in danger. How do we learn to heed God’s caution?Red flag (delay): Finishing well involves pit stops. How does God help us get the most out of these breaks?Blue flag (yield): Each of us may run our own race, but we also need to respect others. How does God help us focus on others’ needs?Black flag (disqualification): What happens when our own violations take us out of the race, and how does God help us get back in?White flag (final lap): As we head toward the finish line, how do we steer according to God’s will?Checkered flag (victory): If we persevere—navigating the hazards, managing the pit stops—then victory is ours. But how does God want us to experience victory?This DVD and its companion book will captivate your entire congregation and engage them in an exciting adventure of spiritual growth.KEY FEATURES• Easy-to-use churchwide study for all ages—children, youth, and adults• 7 weekly sessions on the DVD with downloadable PDF age-level guides • FREE online support featuring sermon guidelines, worship helps, and tools to promote the series in your community and church