T.D. Jakes (3 Pack)

by Cerebellum
SKU: GH2016

THREE PACK GIFTBOX INCLUDES - Still Friends? - Build Truthful Realtionships in Life. True friendship has privileges and responsibilities-including unconditional love and honesty. T.D. Jakes' passionate and inspirational teachings encourage us to look deeper into ourselves and our relationships. T.D. Jakes offers clear guidance and powerful tools to build strength and integrity in all aspects of our personal, professional and spiritual lives. After life's hardest trials, will you still be friends? Living with Restrictions - Defy Limits, Thrive Despite Life's Adversity. What do you do when life takes you out of the familiar, out of your comfort zone? T.D. Jakes' educates us that oftentimes the solutions to these challenges are given to us through life's most difficult times. Share lessons that will inspire and motivate you by finding the inner strength to make positive changes in your life today! Experience all of life's rewards through honesty, truth and faith. It Will All Come Out In The Fire - Real Life Lessons for Real Life. It takes enormous faith and strength to survive life's worst disasters. T.D. Jakes provides the lessons and tools you will need to conquer life's hottest fires and how you can extinguish those flames through faith, courage and perseverance. These life-changing tips will keep you victorious and standing strong through the fire!