Studying Paulu2019s Letters With The Mind And Heart

by Anchor
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This informative survey of Paul\'s epistles is conversant with the latest scholarship but written in an engaging style that emphasizes practical application. In each chapter, Gregory MaGee asks and answers a vital question for understanding Paul\'s letters while prompting the reader to consider the discussion\'s personal implications. These questions get at the heart of understanding, interpreting, and living out the Pauline letters:
Why listen to Paul?
Were all thirteen letters really written by Paul?
How does Paul interact with the Old Testament?
What are some specific interpretive challenges in Paul\'s letters?
How can I wisely apply Paul\'s teachings?
What are the experts saying about Paul these days?
What ideas were especially important to Paul?

Students and other thoughtful Christians wishing to dig deeper into Paul\'s letters will benefit from this contemporary overview, and will be challenged to grow spiritually and apply Paul\'s teachings and example.