Span-The Language Of Heaven (El Lenguaje Del Cielo) (Jun)

by Anchor
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What does the gift giver say about the gift He gave?

This book will help you overcome the arguments, fears, and anxieties related to this gift.

* Shares the author’s personal testimony and spiritual journey with speaking in tongues
* Examines the history of this gift in the church for the past two thousand years
* Interacts with those who have denied that this gift is valid for today’s church
* Speaks to the relationship between Spirit baptism, Spirit filling, and the gift of tongues

Few other issues have separated the church more than the issue of tongues. Sam Storms focuses on this controversial subject with his signature insights to theology and the gifts of the spirit. What does the gift giver say about the gift He gave?

Storms seeks to bring balance to this subject in The Language of Heaven as he wrestles with this sensitive issue experientially as well as theologically. He ultimately provides a platform to allow God to speak for Himself as he addresses every text of Scripture on the subject and engages with every theological issue that speaking in tongues provokes. As a pastor, Storms knows the questions that the typical churchgoer is asking and provides clear and accessible answers to them all, including:
* Is the gift of tongues for every Christian or only some?
* How does the gift of tongues operate in the life of the believer individually in private practice?
* How does the gift of tongues operate in the corporate assembly of God’s church?
* How is the Christian edified and strengthened by praying in tongues?
* How do I pray for the gift and prepare my heart to receive it?

You can overcome the arguments, fears, and anxieties related to this spiritual gift. Remember, God gives only good gifts, and it is His intention that His church utilize all that He has provided so that we might experience all that He is.

Muy pocos temas han separado más a la iglesia, que el asunto de las lenguas. Sam Storms se enfoca en este controversial tema utilizando sus percepciones sobre la teología y los dones del espíritu. ¿Qué dice el donante del don sobre el regalo que él dio?

En El lenguaje del cielo, Storms busca equilibrar el tema del don de lenguas, mientras lucha contra la situación delicada tanto experimental como teológica. En última instancia, Storms proporciona una plataforma para permitir que Dios hable por sí mismo, mientras aborda cada texto de las Escrituras sobre este tema y se involucra con cada problema teológico que provoca hablar en lenguas. Como pastor, Storms conoce las preguntas que el típico feligrés está haciendo y brinda respuestas claras y accesibles para todos ellos, incluyendo:
* Es el don de lenguas para todo cristiano o solo para algunos?
* De qué manera el don de lenguas opera en la vida del creyente individual en la práctica privada?
* iquest;Cómo funciona el don de lenguas en la asamblea corporativa de la iglesia de Dios?
* iquest;Cómo se edifica y fortalece al cristiano orando en lenguas?
* iquest;Cómo orar por el regalo y preparar el corazón para recibirlo?

Puede superar los argumentos, los temores y ansiedades relacionadas con este don espiritual. Recuerde, Dios solo da buenos regalos, y es Su intención que Su iglesia utilice todo lo que Él ha provisto para que podamos experimentar todo lo que Él es.