Sons Of El Elyon: The Seed War

by Anchor
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In the beginning El Elyon created a world of perfection and gave man authority and dominion over all that He had made. Man disobeyed the instructions of the Most High God and thus relinquished his place of authority. But El Elyon made a promise: from woman would come a Seed which would crush the enemy s head and restore man s authority. As mankind sought to fulfill their lusts, rebellious angels rose up against El Elyon and betrayed Him. They took the daughters of men unto themselves, corrupting the seed of woman. This union produced a soulless and evil offspring called Nephilim, who were determined to pollute all that El Elyon had created. El Elyon found one man who was undefiled, whose seed was still pure Noah. The Most High God purged the pollution from the earth and preserved a pure line through which a Redeemer would come. The Seed- War continues to rage even into our present day as the Redeemed battle the ancient evil... The Sons of El Elyon allows you to step back into the folds of eternity and become witness to the birth of a war fought as early as the origin of time The Seed War. As the curtain is drawn, the past sheds light on the present and reveals the purpose and destiny of the Righteous Seed. They haven t known it, but the Gruen family has been preparing for this battle all their lives. They will now answer the call to war and prepare to fight a battle that will right an ancient wrong and restore justice to a land. It is a war against the supernatural that will only be won as they use God-given keys to achieve victory. More than a novel, The Sons of El Elyon contains revelation, insight and understanding that will not only challenge and excite you, but will also open your ears to hear the battle-cry the cry for restoration... the cry for righteousness... the cry for JUSTICE!