Shifting Perspectives

by Anchor
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Shifting Perspectives: Jesus through a Leadership Lens dives deeply and knowledgeably into the many leadership practices you can adopt for yourself in order to establish a dynamic and effective leadership culture in your organization.Using the Book of Mark from the Bible as a foundation, Ruth Esau will challenge you to view Jesus and His leadership style through a unique lens. Her invitation is to focus on how and what Jesus did as a leader, and in the process come to understand what drove His attitudes, actions, and behaviours. This will empower you to shift your thinking and elevate your understanding of what it means to be a focused and values-driven leader.As you engage with the practical lessons in this book, you will find yourself not just reading but pausing, pondering, and answering insightful questions on your way to viewing your work as a leader through a fresh and life-changing perspective. These leadership practices may be fresh, but they aren?t new! They are ancient, time-honoured, and fully relatable to the present reality we live in today.