Secret Place (Live At Mosaek Teatro Johannesb DVD

by Anchor
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Secret Place is a deeply personal offering for Mitchell and displays expressive, passionate music that is timely and persuasive. The entire project features an incorporation of South African and American singers and musicians including the brilliant Tasha Cobbs whose undeniable connection to the sound of worship can be heard on Jesus Reigns. Track List: 1. Give All I Have 2. Jesus Loves Me (Feat. Tyler Mitchell) 3. He Loves Me Chant / Experience Interlude / Oh The Love 4. Joy 5. Joy Reprise (Feat. Wendell Parker, Leah Leach & Stevia Hunes) 6. Holy Spirit (Feat. Tealia Robinson) 7. Son Of God (Feat. Wendell Parker & Taelia Robinson) 8. Jesus Reigns (Feat. Tasha Cobbs) 9. Jesus Reigns - Reprise 10. Good God 11. Nobody Greater / Remix (Feat. Bebe Winans& Tasha Cobbs) 12. I Got It - South African Praise Break 13. Turning Around "Siyakudumisa" (Feat. Rev. Benjamin Dube)