Searching for God - How to find Resolution, Acceptance, Hope & Renewed Faith

by TMW
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This program helps families incorporate Christian values into their daily lives. It reinforces traditional values and gives guidance on how to approach life‰۪s challenges and the tools needed to deal with them. Each program provides support for families through a Christian perspective along with practical advice on every aspect of living as a Christian in today‰۪s World. Dealing with Guilt - How to find Resolution & Acceptance: When guilt has a grip on you, it can rob you of joy and energy. Ultimately, it can consume your life. Is there a way to move beyond personal failings and rise above burdensome regrets? Can guilt ever have a constructive effect? Focusing on real-life stories, this program grapples with issues of guilt and how to find resolution and acceptance through spiritual faith. How to Build Your Spiritual Strength: Expressions of spiritual faith are as varied as people themselves. In this program, people share how they‰۪ve been drawn to a deeper faith through their experiences with nature, work, illness and loss and in moments of solitude. When God Seems Silent - Finding Hope & Renewed Faith: There are moments, often in sickness or tragedy, when God no longer seems to be present. In the midst of discouragement or mourning, we may call on God and yet sense no response. People who have experienced times when God seemed silent share their testimonies of hope and renewed faith.