Scripture Press Winter 2018-2019: Adult Bible Knowledge Series (KJV) Teaching Guide (#4080)

by Anchor
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This study offers straightforward, solid, conservative Bible interpretation from the authorized King James Version. Throughout its commentary, the Teaching Guide features questions that are also in the Student Guide, encouraging further discussion and application of truths that the students will have been considering during the week. Side bar notes with further insights, information, and options for application are also included. The Bible Knowledge Series uses Scripture Press\' tried-and-true approach to teaching: Focus, Discover, and Respond. The Focus section offers added introduction features: Understanding the Bible and Understanding the Adult. The concluding Respond section develops specific application options for younger, mid-age, and older adults. For adult Sunday school or Bible study teachers who have wanted the Scripture Press assurance of theological integrity while utilizing the King James, the Bible Knowledge Series is an excellent choice.