Retreat From Gettysburg - The Aftermath

by TMW
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Based upon the critically-acclaimed and award-winning book, Retreat From Gettysburg: Lee, Logistics & the Pennsylvania Campaign. This documentary takes the viewer on the very roads used by Lees Army and immense wagon trains, as well as the key sites along those roads where Lee established defenses that delayed or defeated advances by General Meades Union forces. Magnificent aerial footage of the roads, mountain passes and Potomac River crossings make this documentary unforgettable. Students will Learn: The importance of all the purchased, impressed and confiscated goods (cattle, sheep, forage, horses, mules, wagons, grains and other items) to General Lee‰۪s army / If General Lee‰۪s Confederate army would have survived in Virginia without it invading Pennsylvania / The number and situation of the wounded soldiers in General Lee‰۪s army, and how Lee determine to take them back to Virginia? / The importance of a line of supply and communication and how General Lee used his line while invading Pennsylvania / General Lee‰۪s first movement of his army after the fighting ended at Gettysburg and before he began his retreat / The military objective of a retreat after a lost battle