Remember Me ~

by Anchor
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REMEMBER ME As a boy growing up in the sixties, Sam Tibbits always treasured the summer vacations he spent at Piddock Beach, exploring the sand and sea as only boys can. It was here he first met Aubrey, a local girl who became his childhood confidante‚àö√¢and later his first love. Over the years Aubrey grew from a fearless tomboy into a special young woman with whom Sam realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life. So when Sam discovered Aubrey's family had moved away with no forwarding address, he was crushed. He never heard from Aubrey again. Now, years later, Sam is still single, pastoring a church and wondering if he misunderstood God's calling on his life. In an effort to reconnect with his spiritual compass, he returns to Piddock Beach, looking to regain some of the joy of his youth. What he finds is unexpected but welcome: Aubrey. Both carry emotional baggage; both are desperate to find answers. As the two confront their abandoned friendship and make peace with their lives, can they do so without overstepping boundaries?