Rembrandt Fathers And Sons DVD

by CDI-Nest

A Boy struggles to break free of his family's rigid expectations and leads Rembrandt to defy artistic convention and pursue his own vision. In 1641, the Dutch master is at the height of his success. Unchallenged by portraits of the rich and famous, Rembrandt indulges other pursuits like splurging at auctions and helping his adolescent neighbor, Samuel. After trying to run away, Samuel agrees to work as Rembrandt‰۪s studio apprentice to appease his father, a respected rabbi who wants his son to be a scholar. Samuel thrives in the studio as a talented printmaker. Meanwhile, Rembrandt struggles with a commission for militia commander Captain Banning Cocq, but he abandons it completely when his wife dies soon after childbirth. He also neglects his infant son. When a dismayed Samuel convinces the artist to fulfill his parental duties, he finally understands his own father. Rembrandt breaks from artistic convention to follow his heart, transforming the Captains‰۪ group portrait into his masterpiece, "The Nightwatch". This dramatic and educational video will inspire your children as well as entertain them. It will also be a great addition to any homeschool curruculum. Get your copy of today!