Reflections Of The Messiah

by Anchor
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\'Contemporary Advent Meditations Inspired by Handel\'If guilt creeps into your holiday cheer, you\'re not alone. Advent is the time to prepare for the arrival of the Messiah, yet most of us instead are swept away by the hyper-busyness of the holidays.Melchiorre has found a personal antidote in Handel\'s Messiah. One holiday season, he turned to the familiar music and text to find solace from rampant consumerism. This simple exercise led him to find a way to intentionally observe Advent. His words will help you too.Melchiorre read the scriptures on which the great oratorio is based as he listened to the music. He was inspired to explore the message of Messiah for contemporary American society. As a journalist in New York City, Melchiorre is accustomed to writing about what surrounds him. What he wrote is full of fresh understandings of the prophetic mission of the Christ.In short meditations for all the days of Advent plus Christmas Day, Melchiorre reflects a passionate understanding of Jesus. Each meditation includes:*a scripture verse (often the same scriptures Handel used in Messiah)*a powerful story about a contemporary person or event*a brief prayer*reflection questions for individuals or groupsMelchiorre reminds us that the work of the Messiah always has and always will be to comfort the afflicted -- and to afflict the comfortable.If you\'re looking for a challenging, thought-provoking resource to help you live expectantly and intentionally in anticipation of the Messiah, you won\'t want to miss this book.