Redemption of the Commons DVD

by Exploration Films
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åÊVictor seems to have it all together ‰ÛÒ good looks, his own brand and marketing company, and life in L.A. But appearances can be deceiving, because in reality, he‰۪s broke, living out of his van, $93,000 in debt and still looking for the ever-elusive purpose of his life.Pop, an elderly friend from the past, offers Victor his only choice ‰ÛÒ to come back home. Yet, home is a tattered trailer park in the Deep South, which is full of bad memories and broken relationships.Once home, Victor discovers that he must deal with his volatile past before he can move toward his promising future. Through the story‰۪s inspiring ending of reconciled relationships and realized dreams, we are reminded that no life is ‰ÛÏcommon‰۝ ‰ÛÒ and that everyone has a God-given purpose.åÊ