Reach Out Don't Freak Out Student Devotional

by Anchor
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Somewhere along the way, sharing our faith got turned into an intimidating, overwhelming idea. But it doesn''t have to be. Because isn''t it simply about sharing the greatest news in the history of the world with our friends-the people we care about most?No matter where your teens are at when it comes to sharing their faith, reaching out with the message of the gospel is central to the purposes God has for them on this earth. In Reach Out, veteran youth worker Greg Stier, helps teenagers step out and develop greater confidence in their ability to share their faith with friends.This 30-day devotional is filled with daily motivation, practical tips stories and strategies that will help your students reach their friends. Your teenagers will also discover that they aren''t alone on this faith-sharing journey: Jesus goes with them, and thousands of other teenagers are traveling the same road.So get ready to take your teenagers on this great adventure. Their lives will never be the same once they learn how to reach out without freaking out.