Put Yourself In Someone Elses Shoes: Building Character

by Cerebellum
SKU: C1004027

After Gina's cat is run over by a car, four classmates react in different ways. Alex and Tracey aren't empathic, but Michael and Kelley are able to show Gina that they understand how she feels. Larry won't be able to go on a camp fishing trip because Jamie didn't bring the life jacket he promised to lend him. Jamie imagines what it will be like to be left behind and decides not to go on the trip. Marybeth gets the lead in the dance recital and Ashley is disappointed that she didn't get it. Their friendship starts to suffer, until each girl sees the situation from the other's point of view. Randy teases Eric at the bowling alley and everyone, including Ellen, thinks it's funny. But when the teasing escalates, Ellen realizes how Eric must feel. She speaks up, which not only helps Eric, but helps her, too.