Put On Your Dancin Shoes

by New Leaf Press
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Life can be a dazzling, rich and fulfilling dance! Every morning it is possible to wake-up and live, really live by embracing all the possibilities of life ahead! The inspirational phrases and beautiful photography found in Put on Your Dancin‰۪ Shoes point to a fullness of life available from God to all women. Moments of joy and abundance are in our lives. Hope and promises are just around the corner. Sometimes we just have to look for those fleeting special images that are often overshadowed in the scurry of life. This book helps to point them out! Filled with dramatic, original images and inspirational quotes from great men and women, Put on Your Dancin‰۪ Shoes makes a spectacular gift book for today‰۪s woman. Life is full of opportunities; sometimes, we just need a nudge in the right direction to seize them. Inspiring Gift Book for Women Challenging quotes accompanied by glorious inspirations Uplifting promises for an abundant life Beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs