Prayers That Birth Revival (Pack of 50)

by Anchor
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Prayers of repentance don?t come easily for Christians today. Here are some suggestions to get you started. This prayer guide was written with the realization that all revivals are birthed through intercessory prayer. The prayer points focus on the promises in 2 Chron. 7:14 that deal with corporate repentance?prayers that will birth revival. Revival does not come without prayer.Encourage the church to pray, help those who are new in faith develop their prayer life, and revitalize ministries with large prayer cards! Prayer card guides provide biblically based areas of prayer for specific needs or groups of people. Printed on both the front and back sides, they give numerous precise topics of prayer supported with Scripture references. Measuring 3.5\ x 8.75\, these prayer cards are easy to read and are perfect for placement in pews and display racks. Church members can easily keep them in larger size Bibles, on their refrigerator, or tacked to a bulletin board. Pack of 50 cards.