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Don\'t you hate to feel stuck? We all love to grow, conquer and win. Who doesn\'t? But then there are times when things seem to stall out…What do you do when you just can\'t seem to get to the next level? Plateaus is for anyone who has ever felt \stuck\ in the same place for an extended season or period of time. Like a sailboat languishing \in the doldrums\ the wind has stalled, and only prayers, oars, arms, and back-breaking work offer any prospect of making further progress. In everyday life, plateaus can be incredibly frustrating and discouraging, but they can also be powerfully motivating. In this book, Pastor Mike Kai shares powerful insights and strategies that will enable you to break through to the next level in your life. Plateaus can be painful, but they are also necessary. This book will show you how to navigate the plateaus and reach your next mountain peak.