Plan To Protect - Association Edition (U.S.)

by Anchor
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This \Plan to Protect\ manual to assist Associations (Schools, Clubs, Sporting Leagues, and Camps) in the United States in protecting their children, youth, association and personnel. The manual mirrors the insurance standards in United States to qualify for abuse coverage. The manual includes policies on: recruitment and screening, implementation and training, children and youth program procedures, and reporting and responding to suspicions and allegations of abuse, reflecting the laws of United States. The extensive appendices include templates of forms, signs, policies, checklists, and more.

The USA Association version of \Plan to Protect\ also includes sample outlines for training modules.

With your purchase we include a code to download the appendices which you can customize for your own organization\'s use.

Copyright regulations allow you to copy portions of \Plan to Protect\ for training purposes at your organization.