Physical Geography: Sedimentary Rocks & Their Formation

by TMW
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Discover The Wonders of Our Earth and the forces and life forms that shape our world with the Physical Geography Series. One of the three basic types of rock, sedimentary rocks include sandstone, limestone, siltstones, coquina, mudstones, shale, dolomites, conglomerates, fossil limestone and sandstones. This program investigates how weathering breaks up rock and the this sediment is later turned into the various kinds of clastic and non-clastic rocks. The program also shows how students can make sedimentary rock using simple, everyday materials. Subjects covered include: How sedimentary rocks are classified, How earth materials are carried by wind, water and ocean currents, How to distinguish between CLASTIC and NON-CLASTIC sedimentary rocks, How cementing agents keep individual rocks together, How running water carries its load of rock particles, How geologists use sedimentary rock to study ancient life, A look at evaporates such as salt and gypsum deposits.