Perils Of Passivity

by Anchor
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Some have made deliverance their ultimate goal in life. Deliverance is not a final goal, it is only a sub-goal on the way to fulfill God\'s purpose in life. Deliverance is no more the goal for us than for the children of Israel escaping their bondage in Egypt. God said to Pharaoh, \Let my people go that they may serve Me...\ (Exod. 7:16). There was a purpose for Israel beyond their escape from bondage, and there is a purpose in God for each of us - and it is not passivity!
We have observed the ways in which passivity works through our years in deliverance ministry. Passivity is a foe - it will even block deliverance. God has called us to war, and we must be vigilant, for we are not ignorant of Satan\'s devices. If we lack a definite plan of aggression, we have become passive to some degree.
Demons are limited by spiritual law, so there has to be a legal right for demons to gain entrance. Although there are other gates, I am convinced that the main gate through which demons gain entrance is \passivity.\ Not only is this a gate through which demons enter, but passivity enables indwelling demons \squatters rights;\ and their presence in God\'s temple goes unchallenged. And we are His temples.
Included in this booklet is a list of ways that passivity manifests itself in our lives, examples of confrontation with passivity in Scripture, the names of specific spirits related to passivity, and a deliverance prayer to move beyond the barriers of passivity!