Pencil Sharpener Manual Boxed Model Ks

by Sanford Lp - Elmer's
The X-ACTO KS manual pencil sharpener is a traditionally styled pencil sharpener that mounts easily onto any horizontal or vertical surface. This KS manual pencil sharpener includes an 8-hole dial pencil selector. Able to stand up to continuous, heavy duty sharpening, this crank pencil sharpener makes a great addition to a workshop desk or table. The KS model features a brilliant metal finish. - Features X-ACTO dual hardened helical cutters - Wall or desk mount (screws included) - Die-cast metal base with steel shavings receptacle - Large shavings receptacle - 8 hole pencil selector

Key Features :

Pencil saver helps to prevent over sharpeningMounts easily on a desktop or tableFeatures a chrome receptacle to catch the pencil shavingsAccommodates up to eight different pencil sizesComes with the mounting screws