Pass The Joy, Please!

by Anchor
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There is a joy inexpressible and uncontainable that is delivered to a woman\'s heart when she delivers a baby to the world! When an ordinary woman gazes into the eyes of her baby, joy is real and recognizable; love is unconditional and bottomless.

However, sometimes that delicious joy is lost amidst sleepless nights, potty-training, strong-willed two year olds and never-ending mountains of laundry! When a weary mother is facing yet another day of tantrums, sibling rivalry, last week\'s dishes in the sink and a house filled with unmade the beds, the joy of motherhood is often no where to be found.

Carol McLeod is the mother of five and the \Marmee\ to currently seven precocious and precious little people. When it comes to the days of being overwhelmed with the demands of children, she \gets\ it. Carol understands the desire to be the world\'s greatest mom and yet falling on your face … day after day after day.

Carol is a mom who deeply cares about the next generation of women who are raising their children to make a difference in the world. She has written this devotional from the wealth of years of motherhood and from a heart that knows the true source of joy.

If you have forgotten how to giggle or sing with your children … then this book is for you!
If you have lost yourself in the quagmire of whining children … then this book is for you!
If you have screamed at your children this week for no reason other than they were acting like children … then this book is for you!

If you long to wring the joy out of motherhood … then this book is for you!