One Word From God Can Change Your Health

by Anchor
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Why do some people get healed while others do not? Does God really want to heal you? Yes! When you confessed Jesus as your Lord, you not only received salvation, you also received the gift of health (1 Peter 2:24)! But just like salvation, healing isn\'t automatic. Instead you have to go to God\'s Word, believe it and act on it just the way you did when you were saved.

This inspiring book will take you through God\'s Word to give you a comprehensive picture of God\'s plan for your health. It will also give you the practical steps you can take to experience healing in your life. If you have been seeking God with questions about healing--this inspired book has the answers you need!

Written by some of the leading teachers in the healing ministry:

* Kenneth Copeland
* Gloria Copeland
* Jesse Duplantis
* Charles Capps
* Marty Copeland

Now is the time to start enjoying your God-given health benefits! See how One Word From God Can Change Your Health . . . forever!