Once Upon A Dream

by Anchor
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Wynne Taylor...a woman with a love for chocolate. The day she opened her own store, Chocolate Blessings, Wynne created her dream job, which, of course, also allowed her to indulge in her sweet passion for chocolate on a daily basis. Until recently, Wynne has tried to keep thoughts of finding love on the backburner. While she may not verbally talk of her desire for a home filled with love and the little patter of feet, she dreams about it every night. In her dreams, Wynne is dancing in the arms of a very strong, handsome man--THE man. Always in that same black tux, she can smell his cologne, the smell that haunts her as just being out of her reach. Even though she never looks into his face, she knows it’s always the same man. She knows him deep in her heart. Her desire is to make this dream a reality, but to do so, she must not only face her past, but with God’s help, she must also deal with her heart issues. When ex-fiancé Jude unexpectedly shows up in town and announces that he’s planning on getting married, somehow Wynne finds herself knee-deep in planning his engagement party, while her closest friends worry about how she’s really doing. Is Wynne still in love with Jude? Will her dreams finally become reality? Can her slogan, "With God and chocolate, all things are possible," really help her face her inner desires or will she just continue to live in her own little dream world?