No More Lies

by Anchor
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A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Jill Tomlinson understands how tolerating toxic emotions and believing lies from Satan can imprison your heart and life. In No More Lies, Jill will lead you through the same journey of biblical truth that brought her freedom and wholeness identifying Satan\'s strongholds in your life, unshackling your heart and mind and enabling you to walk confidently in the Kingdom destiny for which you were created. This book is not only for survivors of abuse. It is for anyone who has ever dealt with bitterness, fear, shame, rejection, failure, or feelings of unworthiness just to name a few. With transparency and candor, Jill addresses a myriad of issues that keep men, women, and young people in emotional shackles as she reveals powerful truths that will help you renew your mind, overcome fear and failure, and move confidently into the future God has ordained for you!\