Moses And Jesus And Me! (Gotta Have God) (Mar 2019)

by Anchor
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Packed with relatable stories, meaningful prayers, age-appropriate memory verses, and fun activities, Moses and Jesus and Me! will help boys ages 6-9 draw closer to God every day! From the best-selling Gotta Have God Series, this colorful and captivating devotional includes 13 weeks of devotional material, covering key topics on Moses’ life. Each week includes:A Bible story about MosesRelatable stories to help girls apply the lessonReflection and life application questionsHands-on activities (crafts, recipes, quizzes, puzzles, games, etc.)Memory verse and prayersMost importantly, boys will discover the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus and how studying God\'\'s Word and spending time applying Bible truths to their lives will help them experience God\'\'s great, redeeming love! So get started and learn more about God\'\'s great love today!Paperback, approx. 224 pages, 6 x 9 inches. 978-1-62862-813-5 The God and Me series is also available for girls (978-1-62862-814-2).5 Key Features of Moses and Jesus and Me!Bible-Based. Each week begins with an Old Testament Bible story about Moses and how it points to Jesus in the New Testament to help kids love God with all their heart and mind.Relevant. Filled with life-application questions, girls will discover how to apply Bible truths and God\'\'s Word to their own lives.Just for Boys. Includes relatable, fictional stories about guys like themselves to put the Bible lessons in a contemporary context they can relate to.Interactive. This kids devotional is jam-packed with LOTS of fun interactive games, crafts, recipes, codes, quizzes, etc.Anytime Use. First thing in the morning, after school, before bedtime. This devotional is perfect for building a lifelong habit of spending time with God and can be used anytime, during any season of the year.13-Week Devotional Covers 13 Christian Themes and Topics:Culture, media, and society send many messages to boys. But what does God say about who they are? They are: Planned by God Protected by God Called by God Powered by God Made Brave by God Saved by God Freed by God Helped by God Led by God Asking God Loving God Confessing to God Sticking with GodPerfect For: Individual use Baptism, confirmation, Christmas, or graduation gifts Youth group Small group study Church library Gift to teachers and kids ministry leaders Homeschool Sunday school Summer boredom buster And more!