Moments for Mothers

by New Leaf Press
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There is a mystery about mothers that no scholar or philosopher can quite explain. It is the mystery of the bond that exists between mother and child. Who speaks to a dying soldier through the shouts and smoke of a distant battlefield? Whose presence in a doorway can calm a five year old on his first day of school? Whose face does a bride happily and frantically seek as she steps out of the church and into a helpful future? We know the obvious answer to these questions, and yet, the love anyone has for a mother is not easily understood. It is formed when we are formed. It says with us through calm and crisis, and it endures longer than the span of a lifetime. åÊ This series of brief stories, quotes, and Scripture illustrates the depth of a mother's love in a powerful way. Collected expressly for all, from the newly-expectant mother to the most seasoned grandma, these thirty stories will bring tears to her eyes, put a warm smile on her face, comfort her heart, and give her hope for today and all eternity. For we know that God has given us a most precious gift in the face of a mother.