Living Principles - Breed's Hill, Common Sense

by CDI - Living Principles
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Venture through history with this exclusive audio download collection that contains powerful dramatizations about Americas greatest heroes, their patriotism, and their belief in God. Follow the Revolutionary War as the Continental Army takes Breed's Hill, better known as Bunker Hill in the battle for Boston. Then discover how a pamphlet named "Common Sense" written by Thomas Paine unified the divided colonies. Each audio download features incredible acting, music and sound effects. This impressive collection contains 9 memorable story tracks. Track List 1. Plan For Bunker Hill 6:00 2. Strategy Of War 6:44 3. The Battle Begins 6:56 4. Whites of Their Eyes 4:14 5. Soldiers Need Discipline 4:49 6. Talk of Democracy 3:48 7. A Lull in the War 6:13 8. Congress StillåÊ Divided 5:07 9. ‰ÛÏCommon Sense‰۝ Unifies the People 7:30