Light Speed Writing: Development Super Pack

by Cerebellum
SKU: GH3981

Light Speed Video Learning is a fun and effective way for students to understand a subject. Lively presentations by actors and comedians combined with colorful graphics teach students skills they will use in real-life applications. Each video program includes a digital workbook with an outline, video notes, practice questions, games, and quizzes. The subject matter correlates directly to state standards and is produced and designed by an academic team of professors, students, actors, comedians, and teachers. Fast forward to success with quality programming right to yourhome!Writing Bundle:This bundle provides you with all the necessary skills to master the art of writing! You will learn everything about writing from analyzing various styles and tones, to being able to draft and cite a research paper. Sharpen your pencil, grab a pad ofpaper, and let‰۪s get started!Writing is something that requires creativity, time, and continuous practice! You learn about writing basics in early education and build on those basics to become a proficient writer. Writing comes in all shapes and forms and is an important educational necessity to mastering entrance exams, building persuasive essays, and even creating business letters. With humorous elements and animated video graphics, this series is an entertaining way for students to build upon their writing skills!