Light Speed History of the U.S: Significant Presidencies (1789-1869)

by Cerebellum
SKU: GH3988

This program will cover significant events in early presidential administrations, starting with Washington‰۪s time in office and going all the way through Lincoln‰۪s term. We will also touch upon Jacksonian democracy, as well as Manifest Destiny and its impact on slavery.Topics Include...‰ۢ George Washington‰ۢ John Adams‰ۢ Thomas Jefferson‰ۢ James Madison and James Monroe‰ۢ Jacksonian Democracy‰ۢ Manifest Destiny Presidents: Tyler,Polk, Taylor, Pierce‰ۢ The Election of 1860‰ۢ Abraham Lincoln‰ۢ Presidential ReconstructionGrade Level: High School