Light Speed History of the U.S: Civil Liberties

by Cerebellum
SKU: GH3989

In this program, we‰۪ll examine the freedom of a citizen, known as civil liberties. Important developments in early America include: the Abolitionist Movement, slavery in the West, and women‰۪s rights. We‰۪ll also take a deeper look at the early suffrage strategy, the Progressive Era, and the Nineteenth Amendment.Topics Include...‰ۢ Colonial Times‰ۢ Sojourner Truth and Ida B. Wells‰ۢ American Women‰۪s Movement‰ۢ Early Suffrage Strategy‰ۢ Women and the Wars‰ۢ Native Americans & Manifest Destiny‰ۢ Abolitionist Movement‰ۢ African American Roles in the Civil War‰ۢ World War IIGrade Level: High School