LIFEPAC Health Health Quest Complete Set

by AOP
SKU: ES9615

LIFEPAC Health Quest teaches student's the importance of maintaining a healthy body and attitude in todayÕs world. This course, a wonderful addition to core curriculum studies, covers: Physical Health, Mental Health, Nutrition and Food Groups, Injury and Disease Prevention, and Stewardship of GodÕs Creation. Ranging in a variety of topics applicable to everyday situations, this course covers body framework, emotional disorders, nutrition and basic food groups, safety and emergency care, and the misuse of drugs, alcohol, and smoking. This informative course, containing five-units, is designed for upper-elementary grades. LIFEPAC Health Quest contains five worktexts and a teacherÕs guide. These worktext and teacher's guide that may be purchased individually.Need a payment plan? Call us at 1-800-634-4298!