LIFEPAC First Grade History & Geography Set

by AOP
SKU: HIS0115

With engaging LIFEPAC 1st Grade History & Geography, your student's will learn about themselves, their families, their country, and the world. Your child will also learn about being a child of God, feelings, family relationships, God's family, places people live, firemen and policemen, the pilgrims, patriotism, the globe, and different countries.Sure to capture your student'sÕ imagination, colorful units discuss: I Am a Special Person, I Live in a Family, Places People Live, I Love my Country, and I Live in the World. Students jump into vibrant worktexts filled with colorful illustrations and fun activities. Lessons are self-explanatory so that student's can easily master topics on communication, difference in feelings and manners, and countries. Additional skills such as matching people and places, recognizing the sequence of an event, and knowing the correct word to describe a situation are also included. The LIFEPAC 1st Grade History & Geography Set contains ten separate worktexts and two teacherÕs guides that may be purchased individually.Need a payment plan? Call us at 1-800-634-4298!