LIFEPAC Fifth Grade Science Set

by AOP
SKU: SCI0515

LIFEPAC 5th Grade Science will expand your student'sÕ knowledge in the wonderfully complex world in which we live. Worktexts cover: Cells, Plant and Animal Life Cycles, Balance in Nature, Transformation of Energy, and Cycles in Nature. Records in Rock, an additional three-part topic, focuses on the Flood, fossils, and geology.Filled with full-color illustrations, worktexts explain scientific concepts one at a time, making lessons easy to grasp. Your student will love digging into fun-filled, confidence-building homework while learning about the foundation of life. The LIFEPAC 5th Grade Science Set contains ten separate worktexts and a teacherÕs guide that may be purchased individually.Need a payment plan? Call us at 1-800-634-4298!