LIFEPAC Eleventh Grade Science Set

by AOP
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With LIFEPAC 11th Grade Science‰Û?Ìã̦‰ö?Ìԉö?‰öâ‰Û?ÌÊ̦‰Û?Ìã‰ÛʉÛ?ÌÊ̦‰Û?ÌÊÌà‰Û?Ìã̦‰ö?‰Ûʉö?‰öâ‰Û?ÌÊ̦‰ö?‰ä?s exciting presentation of easy-to-grasp concepts, student's will receive uncomplicated explanations of chemistry procedures. Spotlighted subjects are: Basic Chemical Units, Atomic Models, Chemical Formulas, Chemical Reactions, and Carbon Chemistry.LIFEPAC 11th Grade Science allows student's to work independently and takes the guesswork out of understanding more advanced chemical processes! Easy-to-understand worktexts will build your student‰Û?Ìã̦‰ö?Ìԉö?‰öâ‰Û?ÌÊ̦‰Û?Ìã‰ÛʉÛ?ÌÊ̦‰Û?ÌÊÌà‰Û?Ìã̦‰ö?‰Ûʉö?‰öâ‰Û?ÌÊ̦‰ö?‰ä?s knowledge in estimation, measurement, basic chemical units, and equilibrium systems. The LIFEPAC 11th Grade Science Set contains ten separate worktexts and a teacher‰Û?Ìã̦‰ö?Ìԉö?‰öâ‰Û?ÌÊ̦‰Û?Ìã‰ÛʉÛ?ÌÊ̦‰Û?ÌÊÌà‰Û?Ìã̦‰ö?‰Ûʉö?‰öâ‰Û?ÌÊ̦‰ö?‰ä?s guide that may be purchased individually.Need a payment plan? Call us at 1-800-634-4298!