Lifelong Leadership

by Anchor
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What helps leaders break through to new levels of impact? What sustains leaders in the unrelenting work of Christian ministry? What guides leaders through difficult transitions and perplexing challenges?While many leadership books focus on the individual, Lifelong Leadership offers a comprehensive Mentoring Community model to support and develop Christian leaders, extending the work of God in and through ministry. This model was inspired by Leighton Ford as a way to inspire and support young leaders. MaryKate Morse is the inheritor of this leadership legacy. Her team has developed the Mentoring Community model, which is easy to replicate in a variety of settings.Lifelong Leadership has been field-tested throughout the world by leaders of various ages, contexts, and experiences and includes testimonials about the enduring impact of this collaborative approach to leadership development. If you?re looking for a successful leadership model in which people trust one another and share each other?s burdens, commit to personal growth over time, and integrate the abiding presence of God, you?ll want to implement Lifelong Leadership with your team.