Let's Go up to the Mountain

by Anchor
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\'A book for children of all agesAs this book developed, it became obvious it was not only for children. It was a book for children of all ages. Jesus tells us that we are to have a childlike attitude to be in the Kingdom. Climbing the mountain is symbolic of growing in age, grace, and wisdom in our relationship with God. It starts with a solid, Christian, doctrinal foundation. The book can be used by children, ages five to twelve, individually or in classes. Even senior citizens can benefit from the material. Many books explain salvation and water baptism. Yet not many include the baptism with the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that the power of the Holy Spirit will be upon the pages and pictures to enable the reader to have a clear understanding of the foundation of the Christian life. May many be born again, get water baptized, and be baptized in the power of the Holy Spirit, to be those disciples of Jesus Christ that bring in the Kingdom of God.\'