Lead Like Butler

by Anchor
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In 2011, Butler University made history as the first NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball program to make consecutive Final Fours while not seeded as #1 or #2 in either season. As the smallest school (enrollment: 4200) to play in the championship game in 40-year history of the NCAA tournament, Butler became the archetypical “Cinderella” team. How did this small, little-known university in the Midwest achieve what few schools have ever done by making it to the final championship game two years in a row?

Much of the curiosity is focused on first time head coach and team leader Brad Stevens. Third year Coach Stevens was only 33 years old at the time of the 2010 tournament. So young he is often mistaken for one of the players, Stevens coaches according to a set of six values-based principles broadly known as the Butler Way: Humility, Passion, Unity, Service, Thankfulness, and Accountability.

This book is an attempt to understand and articulate the six leadership values taught by the men’s and women’s basketball coaches and assistant coaches at Butler University. Each chapter of the book is devoted to exploring one of the values through interviews with coaches, players, and alumni, and through them to discover how they form a foundation of success for coaches and players both on the basketball court and in life’s journey.