Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course Participant'S

by Anchor
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God calls every Christian to a life of servanthood as a disciple of Jesus Christ. In the Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course, Sandy and Brian Jackson discuss processes to help individuals discern and respond to God?s particular call on their lives. They encourage each person to recognize and employ his or her spiritual gifts for the church to become what God intended it to be. This course invites participants to consider the importance of exercising servant leadership, developing future leaders, remaining rooted in consistent spiritual practices, and being part of a group that holds members accountable in discipleship. It offers guidelines for optimal communication in leadership and presents numerous types of ministries in which lay servants may assume roles. Throughout the study, thoughtful questions provide excellent opportunities for individual consideration and group discussion. This course is designed for 5 two-hour sessions. It is suitable for youth and adults.