Know Who You Are. Live Like It Matters

by Anchor
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One of America\'s best known, iconic athletes shares with young people hisprinciples on how to develop the values, attitudes, and actions that guaranteetrue and lasting success in life.
Throughout his storied football career at the University of Florida and in theNFL with the Denver Broncos and NY Jets, Tim Tebow unabashedly modeled andshared his deep Christian faith. Now in Know Who You Are. Live Like It Matters,Tebow reveals the source of his attitude and success, not just in athletics, but inall of life: the careful study and modeling of Jesus\' life. Here in 36 sessions, anyreader will become aware of life-enriching principles on the topics of identity,friends, God\'s love, family issues, conflict resolution, temptation, fear/courage,failure, and many more. The book will be a great resource for parents wanting todiscuss important issues in a non-threatening way--with the personal insights andexperiences of a the role model like Tim Tebow.