King's Kids: La Llave Del Jardin (Strict Street Date - November 10, 2020)

by Anchor
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KEY SELLING POINTS:o A perfect bedtime story that kids find relatable, peaceful and joyful!o Kids learn about themes of love, acceptance, and teamwork as they observe the King\'s Kidso Supplement Bible stories with King\'s Kids, an allegorical story that helps solidify the concepts children are already learningo An excellent took for sparking meaningful conversationo Includes \'Keys from the King\' page to help parents share important themes with their kids\'Age Range: 2 - 8 yearsADDITIONAL INFORMATION:Another exciting adventure awaits young readers in King\'s Kids: The Key To The Garden, book three of the acclaimed K.I.N.G.D.O.M. series of children\'s books (ages 2-8). Led by a talking bird, the four kids arrive at the King\'s Garden, a place uniquely different from anywhere they had previously visited. With the Garden\'s key in their possession, they enter into a paradise filled with amazing sites and abundant life - and promptly lose the key. Paradise is not lost, however, as the kids experience the King\'s good nature as seen in both His handiwork and in His loving response toward them.With amazing artwork and illustrations matched with fun, lyrical storytelling, King\'s Kids books are an entertaining way for parents to teach valuable life lesions. The books positively affirm children that they are loved and accepted, that they are valuable, and that they each have a purpose in life. Through stories and imagery, they remind kids - of all ages - who we are. We are not just kids. We are King\'s Kids.