King of Rimshire

by Anchor
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\'In a galaxy facing destruction, tyranny, and the darkest of evil, the message of Love shines as the only hope for the many worlds seeking to heal and survive. Passionately sharing that message, King Sifrus of Rimshire brings stability and wholeness wherever he travels. Not fully understood yet greatly admired, he is a man whose love for his friends and followers brings him to places of danger and sacrifice. Is he strong enough to face the evil onslaught to come? Can his followers survive the attacks of an evil dictator who demands their allegiance, or will the teachings of Love be extinguished?Join Sifrus and his followers as they face fearsome creatures and evil kings in this brilliant blend of science fiction, drama, and romance. \'\'King of Rimshire\'\' will entertain, inspire, and challenge readers to consider their own relationship with the God of love.\'