Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Skills Kit, 4th Edition

by Cerebellum
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Leader's Guide:åÊNew 4th Edition!The Kelso's Choice Leader's Guide provides lessons and activities, specific for each grade level, to be conducted into a 30-minute classroom period. Each lesson uses auditory, visual, and kinesthetic cues to engage all three learning styles. K.C.'s Choice Conflict Management Wheel is introduced at the Grades 4-5 level offering a more grade appropriate approach to peacemaking.This guide provides the following outline:* An introduction of the program goals, benefits and outcomes* Three Core lessons for K-3* Five Lessons to use with the Willow Pond Story Book* Three Core lessons tailored for Grades 4-5* Four Extension lessons for Grades K-1* Four Extension lessons for Grades 2-3* Four Extension lessons for Grades 4-5* A CD to make it even easier to print out reproducible handouts.The scope and sequence of the lessons are flexible and can be adapted to your needs. School counselors, teachers, and administrators can present the lessons and extended activities to students. The curriculum is easily adapted to a variety of setting: classroom, small groups, individual counseling, and school-wide programs. A suggested time allotment and grade-level range are noted on each lesson.Kelso in Action DVD:åÊBrand New!See Kelso's Choices in action! Short, true-to-life vignettes. The DVD is split into two sections: for grades K-3 using the Kelso's Choice Wheel and for grades 4-5 using K.C.'s Wheel. Help students see how kids use conflict management solutions to solve everyday problems.Willow Pond Storybook:åÊNow in Color!A beautifully illustrated storybook that brings Kelso and his friends to life. Features five stories highlighting choices that resolved conflicts.åÊPaper Puppet Cutouts:åÊBrand New!Use these colored character cutouts from the Willow Pond Storybook to bring the stories and lessons to life! Colored illustrations printed on thick, gloss paper can be cut out and adhered to a popsicle stick to create paper puppets.åÊKelso and Lily Hand Puppets:åÊBrand New!Kelso and Lily Hand Puppets keep students interested and excited about the lessons!åÊKelso's Choice Poster Set:åÊNew Design!Five giant 23" x 34" full-color posters featuring Kelso's nine problem-solving solutions.åÊK.C.'s Poster Set:åÊBrand New!Five giant 23" x 34" full-color posters featuring four verbal problem-solving solutions and four nonverbal problem-solving solutions. Uses images of other 4th and 5th grade students with eye-catching graphics to keep pre-teens interested.