Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Complete Kit Series

by Cerebellum
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This conflict-management curriculum, intended for Grades K-5, is based on the premise that every child is capable of becoming a peacemaker. The program is comprised of two sections for grades K - 3 and grades 4 - 5. The same core concepts and philosophy are taught in both sections with slight differences to reflect the varying developmental and maturity levels. Grades K - 3 lessons are designed around Kelso the Frog, and offers nine options students can choose from to resolve conflicts. Grades 4 - 5 lessons are based around K.C.'s Choices which present eight verbal and nonverbal choices. Students are taught to use these choices and differentiate between problems they can handle on their own and those requiring adult intervention. They will also be empowered with skills to make, and become accountable for, their own choices.Includes:Complete kit series includes all THREE kits at a discounted price:Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Skills Kit 4th EditionThis complete curriculum is the core of the Kelso's Choice series. Developed in 1991 and in its 4th edition, this kit effectively teaches peace-making skills by empowering children to solve their own conflicts. Includes: Leader's Guide with a total of 27 lessons, Kelso in Action DVD, Willow Pond Storybook, Paper Puppet Cutouts, Kelso and Lily plush hand puppets, Kelso's Choice poster set (Grades K-3) and K.C. poster sets (Grades 4-5).The Kelso Booster Curriculum KitThis kit is a supplement to the Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Skills Kit 4th Edition. It provides more curriculum - additional lesson plans and activities. PLUS it comes with two sets of flashcards, a different DVD and more!Includes: Booster Leader's Guide, Putting Kelso into Play DVD, It's Your Choice card game (Grades K-3), It's Your Choice card game (Grades 4-5) and Paper Puppet Cutouts.The Kelso Counselor Activity ToolboxA supplemental kit to the Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Skills Kit 4th Edition. This kit can be used in classrooms, small group counseling sessions and as a tool to bring the conflict management skills into the home. Full of quick, fun activities, games and crafts. Includes: Counselor Activities Workbook, Beyond the Classroom DVD, Willow Pond Storybook (can be lent out to parents) and a Hoppin' Home board game.*All kits contain brand new 2011 content. Each DVD is different.