Kacey's Question

by Anchor
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This book captures a day in the life of two five-year-olds. Though they are many miles and years apart, they will find each other when the time is right. Kacey’s Question... \Who Will I Marry?\. by Peggy Miracle Consolver and delightfully illustrated by Barbara Jones, captures the whimsical nature of five-year-olds and their zest for discovering, and explaining, the next big mystery in life.

Children ask the best questions. Having answers for their thoughtful questions that can matter for a lifetime, is the hard part. Mother\'s answer to Kacey\'s question is wisdom distilled from years of the author\'s experience with her own daughter\'s and grandson\'s questions—twenty-five years apart. questions like, “Mommy, who will I marry?” or “How do starfish breathe?”