K10C Package Deal

by CDI-Nest

Here is what's included in the K10C Package Deal: åÊ Kids Ten Commandments 5-DVD Set The award-winning Kids' Ten Commandments series includes great Bible lessons for kids! This 5-DVD collection features state-of-the-art animation and inspirational music the entire family will enjoy. Through the adventures of Seth, an 11-year old boy, these captivating stories bring God's Ten Commandments to life for children ages 6-11. Each of the five Bible videos teaches children how to apply the Ten Commandments to their daily lives. Featuring acclaimed Hollywood talent that includes Peter Strauss as Moses and other famous voices such as Tom Bosley, Jodi Benson, and Paul Winfield, your children will delight in learning about our great and awesome God! The Kids' Ten Commandments 5-DVD Set includes these titles: The Not so Golden Calf The Rest is Yet to Come A Life and Seth Situation Stolen Jewels, Stolen Hearts Toying with the Truth Each Feature DVD has a run time of approximately 30 minutes and teaches two of the Ten Commandments. åÊ The Good Samaritan Video on Interactive DVD The Parable of the Good Samaritan is perhaps the most touching parable that Jesus ever taught. The story begins with an expert in the law asking, "Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?" (Luke 10:25, NIV). Jesus answers with a story about robbers, a Rabbi, a Levite and a man who was making his way from Jerusalem to Jericho. Imagine the wounded traveler's emotion as his own countrymen pass by while his enemy, a Samaritan, stops to help. Children of all ages will love this classic story about the stranger with a heart of gold who shows us what it really means to "love thy neighbor"! Use this 30-minute, animated Bible story on DVD to teach compassion and mercy again and again! åÊ The Story of Esther Video on Interactive DVD Would you risk your life to save the lives of your countrymen? This was the dilemma confronting the young Queen Esther, one of the Bible‰۪s most courageous women. The book of Esther is an epic adventure about a young Jewish orphan who rises from peasant to Queen of Persia, only to face the annihilation of her people. She appears in the Bible as a woman of deep faith, courage and patriotism, ultimately willing to risk her life for her adoptive father, Mordecai, and for the Jewish people. Learn about the excitement, danger, and intrigue of life in the royal palace, as ancient Persia comes alive in this dramatic and inspiring Old Testament story! Did You Know? Esther was an orphan who was raised by her cousin, Mordecai Studies on the book of Esther confirm that Hadassah was Esther‰۪s original name The name Esther means "star" (Esther was most likely given that name because she was as beautiful as the Evening Star) Share the story of Queen Esther with this 30-minute, animated Bible video from NEST! Order your copy today, and teach children of all ages that tragedy can turn into victory and celebration. åÊ The Story of Moses Video on Interactive DVD Ordered to be put to death because he was a Hebrew son. Rescued by Pharoah‰۪s daughter out of the Nile River. Called through a ‰ÛÏburning bush‰۝ experience. These powerful statements characterize the Old Testament hero, Moses‰ÛÓIsrael‰۪s most-honored leader. This 30-minute, animated Bible video recounts the traumatic early years of Moses‰۪ life, his privileged youth in Pharaoh‰۪s household, and his dreary days of tending sheep in the Midian desert. Watch God‰۪s awesome hand as He moves a tiny baby from a papyrus basket coated with tar and pitch to become the eventual deliverer of Israel! A great resource to use at home for family devotions, in Sunday School any time of the year, or as a supplement to your homeschool curriculum. (Includes a BONUS Resource & Activity Book). Did You Know? Moses‰۪ name means "I drew him out of the water" Moses‰۪ parents were named Amram (his father) and Jochebed (his mother) Pharoah‰۪s daughter ended up paying Moses‰۪ mother to nurse her own child! Order your copy of the Moses Interactive DVD and teach about courage and leadership today!