Just the Facts: Understanding Shakespeare: Macbeth

by Cerebellum
SKU: GH1104

Everyone should be familiar with the timeless works of William Shakespeare. Now, with Understanding Shakespeare, everyone can! The Tragedy Series brings four of Shakespeare s greatest plays to life, with skilled help of classically trained actors and internationally renowned Shakespearean scholars. Key scenes are acted, analyzed and interpreted throughout the play. Insightful comments help explain meaning, characters, motives, background action, and plot. Whether or not you've read Shakespeare before, this program is the best way to understand, appreciate and enjoy the majesty of his greatest tragedies. Did you know that popular phrases sound and fury primrose way and the milk of human kindness are taken from Macbeth? Shakespeare s classic tragedy tells the story of a good man gone bad, driven to murder by ugly ambition and fueled by a power-hungry wife. Macbeth's desire to fulfill his prophecies of greatness foretold by three witches ultimately leads to wicked acts and his eventual downfall.