Just the Facts: Understanding Shakespeare: Hamlet

by Cerebellum
SKU: GH1103

Considered by many authorities as Shakespeare‰۪s greatest play, Hamlet may also be the most representative character in all-dramatic literature. It‰۪s a classic tragedy of a young prince torn by indecision. ‰ÛÏTo be or not to be? That is the question‰۝ for a grief-stricken hero caught in the toils of countless dangers. Revenge, nobility, and honor are the quintessential elements of one of Shakespeare‰۪s great masterworks. Everyone should be familiar with the timeless works of William Shakespeare. Now with Understanding Shakespeare, everyone can! This Tragedy Series brings four of Shakespeare's greatest plays to life, with the skilled help of classically trained actors and internationally renowned Shakespearean scholars. Key scenes are acted, analyzed and interpreted throughout the plays. Insightful comments help explain meaning, characters, motives, background action and plot. Whether or nor you've read Shakespeare before, this program is the best way to understand, appreciate and enjoy the majesty of his greatest tragedies.